Committee Members

We are excited to announce our new committee members for the 2015 -2016 School Year.  They put many, many hours into the sales to benefit Vestavia Day School.

Front Row from Left to Right:  Jennifer Tidwell, Laura Leigh Etheridge, Erika Ponder & Laura Senn
Middle Row from Left to Right:  Jenny Ballentine, Liz Terrell, Melisa Eatman & Christy Curry
Top Row from Left to Right:  Melissa Pierce, Becky Reamey & Dawn Fizer

Chair:  Jenny Ballentine
IT:  Kara Jacobs
Check-in:  Jennifer Tidwell & Christy Curry
Accounting:  Becky Reamey & Zoe Hubbard
Marketing Co-Chairs:  Laura Leigh Etheridge & Marie Gammill
Floor Chair:  Dawn Fizer
Volunteer Co-Chairs:  Erika Ponder
Hospitality:  Melissa Pierce

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  1. I sell Scentsy and was wondering if you allow companies setup at your sale? My name is Shelly Grimes-Smith and my number is 260-2867. Thank you

  2. Is there an email where I can contact someone?