Sale Week Schedule

Here is the complete weekly schedule for the Spring 2018 Whale of a Sale.  Sellers will get their presale shopping passes when they check their items in and volunteers can come during any of the times listed below to get theirs. 

Sale Week Schedule:

Tuesday, February 20                     
8am:  Sale Locked
4 - 9pm:  Seller Check-in

Wednesday, February 21                 
9am - 5pm:  Seller Check-in

Thursday, February 22                     
1:30 - 9pm:  Volunteers Shop
2:30 - 9pm:  Sellers Shop
4 - 9pm:  $5 Ticketed Shoppers Shop
5 - 9pm:  Public Sale

Friday, February 23
9am - 2:00pm:  Public Sale                  
12 - 2pm:  1/2 Price Sale
4:30 - 6pm:  Sellers Pick Up Unsold Items*

*Any remaining items after 6pm will be donated

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