Seller Packet & Information

WHALE OF A SALE – FALL Spring 2018
Children's Consignment Sale Seller Packet
Vestavia Day School at Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church

Welcome to Whale of a Sale – Spring 2018!

We are excited that you are going to be part of our sale and can't wait to share in this time of fun and fellowship.  Enclosed you will find all the information you will need to prepare your items for the sale.  Please read the entire seller packet and follow the instructions carefully. 

For more information please visit our website at or email us at

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Quick Overview
  • Sellers will receive 70% of their proceeds and the remaining 30% will go to help support Vestavia Day School including Children's Day Out, Preschool, Full-time Daycare & After-School Care.
  • Each seller must have a minimum of 25 items and a maximum of 200.
  • A seller's registration fee of $8.00 is required prior to the sale.  If you decide not to sell, please notify us within 2 weeks of sale to avoid being billed $25.00.  We always have a waitlist.  This is to allow more sellers the opportunity to sell and the Vestavia Day School maximize fundraising efforts.  PLEASE do not take another seller’s spot if you decide not to sell.
  • Bring only spring/summer items in gently used or excellent condition.
  • No DVDs, CDs or toys without working batteries will be accepted
  • Access our sale at
  • Please help us even more by volunteering for our sale.  Volunteers shop before sellers!
  • We will have our one-hour ticketed shopping from (4-5:00 pm) again this year.  Tickets can be purchased online and the link to do so will be sent out prior to the sale.  Remember, no strollers or children allowed during this pre-sale hour. 
  • New from previous sale* We will return all unsold items to you at the end of the sale.  If you wish to donate any unsold items you may put them in the Lighthouse lobby by the pool tables to be donated to Oak Mountain Missions. 
  • New from previous sale**You do not need to print anything to bring with you to check-in.  We will print it for you following your items being checked in.  
  • New from previous sale***In order to maximize your profits as sellers, we will have two hours of half price shopping.  From noon-2:00pm on Friday all items marked “DISCOUNT” will be half off. 
***Please note that pick-up is FRIDAY NIGHT from 4:30 - 6:00pm**** 
We will NOT hold unsold items for you.  If they are NOT picked up by 6:00, they will be donated to charity. 

  • In order to run a successful sale, we need sellers and LOTS of volunteers.  There are many different shifts during this event.  Please register to volunteer online at or email us at  VOLUNTEERS SHOP OUR SALE FIRST!!!
  • At this time, volunteering is not mandatory for sellers.  However, we cannot have a successful sale without our volunteers.  Please volunteer, even if only for a couple of hours.  You can sign up to volunteer on the website.  Click on the Volunteer link and choose the time you want to volunteer.  Click ADD ME to selected shifts.
  • You will pick up your ticket for the presale at your volunteer time or when you drop off your items to sell.
  • Childcare is not provided for volunteers.  Children are not permitted with volunteers at any time.

  • Use the Check-in Schedule to sign up for a time to bring your items to the church the week of the sale.  Our shifts are every 15-30 minutes. Sign up early! 
  • Select the time you wish to check in.
  • You will check in at the Lighthouse Gym at your assigned time.
  • Once everything is at a check in station, we will ask you to go back to the Lighthouse lobby and wait while we check your items in.
  • You DO NOT need to print anything to bring at check-in.  We will check-in your and print your inventory sheet.  Any items that are either out of season or that may be stained or have odors will not be included in your inventory and will be returned to you.
  • After your items have been reviewed, please DO NOT take your inventory report with you! Leave it with the person who checked you in. 

We WELCOME the following items:  
spring and summer children’s clothing, spring and summer shoes, swimsuits, dancewear, children’s furniture, swings, pack n plays, kitchen sets, slides, riding toys, children’s room decor, curtains, swaddles, baby carriers, books, toys, hair accessories, hats, bags, strollers, car seats (with expiration date printed on tag).  Bumbos MUST have straps. 

We DO NOT accept the following items:  
any recalled items, drop side cribs, expired car seats (print expiration date on tag), summer clothes, summer shoes, socks, blankets, bedding, bumpers, sheets, nap mats, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, DVDs, CDs, audio books, baskets, diaper genies, bathtubs, potty seats and any cribs manufactured before July 23, 2010.  Bumbos without straps will not be accepted. 

All items must:
  • Be new or gently used.  No stains, tears or missing parts.
  • Be children's clothing only sizes Preemie thru junior (Jr. sizes 1,3,5,7,9,11,13) for girls and sizes Preemie thru 18 for boys.
  • Be hung on wire hangers (clothing, curtains, swaddles, costumes, baby carriers, bags, coats, & jackets)
  • Be secured in Ziploc bag with the tag taped in an easy to scan location.  DO NOT cover the barcode with tape and use CLEAR packing tape (shoes, toys, books, baby items).  Toys with small pieces should be sealed in Ziploc bags and taped shut and attached to the largest piece.
  • Have the tag placed in an easy to scan location and without tape over the barcode
  • Have all hardware for assembly attached in zip lock bag.  Previous experience indicates that items sell better fully assembled.
  • Have working batteries in them.  Items MUST WORK before being accepted.
Items MAY NOT:
  • Smell of smoke 
  • Be covered in pet hair
  • Be recalled
  • Be toys that are scary, weapons or monsters
*If items are not in excellent used condition, they will be returned to your during check in.  

Bring only items in GOOD CONDITION (new or gently worn with no stains or tears), HUNG ON WIRE HANGERS, CLEAN AND READY FOR USE. We reserve the right to refuse any item.

Pin tags with small SAFETY PINS ONLY to the front left shoulder of the garment as shown below. Large Safety Pins will make holes in clothes.  We cannot sell items without a tag, so be sure the tag is secure.  Any sets of clothing (two or more pieces) that need to be hung on more than one hanger, please rubber band the hangers together and safety pin tag to the main piece (top or jacket).  USE THE WORDS "TWO PIECE OR THREE PIECE SET" in the description and price as one unit. 

All clothes must be hung on WIRE HANGERS.  Make sure the hook is turned away from the tag.  PLEASE NOTE the LOCATION of BOTH safety pins on the above picture at the top of the hanger.  Pants must be pinned on the TOP of the hanger.  Make sure they are NOT going to slide down the hanger.  For any clothing that cannot be hung directly on the hanger itself, it is important to secure the item with safety pins for two reasons.  First, it will keep the clothing hanging properly so that it can easily be seen when shoppers are looking through the clothing.  Secondly, it will keep it from falling off the hanger and potentially being lost and/or losing its tag.

Attach tags to the outside of non-clothing items with clear packing tape.  DO NOT COVER THE BARCODE.  Please DO NOT place tags inside bags as they are too hard to remove during the sale.  If your item has more than one Ziploc bag, please make sure each bag has a tag on it.

All items will be entered using My Consignment Manager at 

Tips for using My Consignment Manager…
  • Internet Browser:  Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox (MSN Explorer and AOL's browser are NOT supported)
  • JavaScript must be enabled in your Browser
  • Cookies must be enabled in your Browser
  • Acrobat Reader
  • If you have used My Consignment Manager before with another sale login under Returning Users. 
  • New Users register through the new users section.

To enter your items, please go to and follow the instructions on the website to help you enter the items.
  • We are starting items at $2.00.  Put a few items together as needed in order to reach the $2.00 minimum.
  • Price items in increments of $1.00
  • Enter the size
  • If you'd like your item to go half price on Friday afternoon, check the box “Discount”. If you do not want your item reduced, leave this check box unmarked.  
  • Use the Brand Name and Description boxes to describe your items. 
  • Select a category - be as specific as possible.
  • The system does not generate multiple item tags.  If you are selling an outfit that has more than one piece, please make a note of that in the first line of the description.  Use the link to tag your second item of a set.  Remember we are not responsible for items without tags.
  • Once you enter an item, it appears in your inventory.  You can see your inventory below the Enter Items screen.
  • You do not have to "SAVE" anything.  Each time you enter an item, it is saved automatically in your inventory.  You can enter a couple of items at a time or enter them all at once.  When you return to MyCM, your items will be there.

 Click on PRINT TAGS at the top of the screen {below the whale}. 

If you have less than 48 tags:
  • Select your items or click on the check all box
  • Click on the Generate Tags button and click on the link provided to generate your tags into a PDF file
  • Select File->Print to print your tags 
  If you have more than 48 tags:
  • Select the highest increment of items you need displayed (up to 216)
  • Select your Items or click on the check all box
  • Click on the Generate Tags button and click on the link provided to generate your tags into a PDF file
  • Select File->Print to print your tags
Tips for printing tags:
  • Tags may be printed on white printer paper. 
  • Make sure the barcode is clear and is not excessively dark (the ink will look to be blurry on the paper if printed too dark) 
  • Use 'normal' setting when printing  
  • Cut on the lines and attach to your items properly 
  • Do not put tape on the barcode (tape makes scanning difficult)
  • If you think your tags are not printing correctly, please email them to a friend to print or email for help.

Tips for printing the Inventory Report:
  • Click on the Reports tab and click on the Inventory Report link
  • Make sure that the Status column drop down box has ALL clicked
  • If it doesn't you will need to change it to ALL then click on the Refresh List button.
  • If it already says ALL then your Inventory Report should be below
  • Click on the Print Report button.  It is ok if it prints small.

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Thank you for your continued support of our program! We cannot do it without you!!

Please see below for the tag for the second item

Tag for second item: