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WHALE OF A SALE – Spring 2021
Children's Consignment Sale Seller Information
Vestavia Day School at Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church


We are excited that you are going to be part of our VIRTUAL sale! We had a lot of positive feedback from the last virtual sale so we hope this one is just as successful.  Below is an overview of our sale as well as information about our sale.  For additional information please see the seller packet on our website.  Please read the entire seller packet and follow the instructions carefully.  

 For more information, please visit our website or email us at

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  • Sellers will receive 70% of their proceeds and the remaining 30% will go to help support Vestavia Day School including Children's Day Out, Preschool, Full-time Daycare & After-School Care.
  • Each seller must have a minimum of 25 items and a maximum of 200.
  • A seller's registration fee of $8.00 is required prior to the sale.  If you decide not to sell, please notify us within two weeks of sale.  This is to allow more sellers the opportunity to sell and Vestavia Day School to maximize fundraising efforts.  PLEASE do not take another seller’s spot if you decide not to sell.
  • Please only include spring/summer items in gently used or excellent condition.
  • No DVDs, CDs or toys without working batteries will be accepted.
  • Access to register for the sale is now on our blog at
  • Sadly, this year we will not have any volunteers.  It will only be committee at the curbside consignor drop-off and buyers pick-up.  We have to limit the amount of people that are going in and out of the church.  
  • Sellers will drop-off their sold items at Tyson Hall again this year by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  The drop-off will be curbside.  More detailed information below.  
  • Buyers will come by Tyson Hall on Friday, February 26th and pick up their purchases curbside from 8 am- 6 pm.

  • Use the Drop Off Appointment Link on our website to sign up for a time (same as previous years) to bring your sold items to the church at the end of the online sale. Our shifts are every 15-30 minutes. Sign up early!
  • Select the time you wish to drop off.
  • You will check in outside Tyson Hall at your assigned time.
  • You will only bring the items that you sold during the online sale.
  • You DO NOT need to print anything to bring at check-in.
  • Please put all clothing items on wire hangers like previous sales.
  • Please print out the special online sold tag from the "Item Entry & Print Tags" link on our webpage and pin to the item’s left shoulder or your right side.
  • Please tie a rubber band around an order that has multiple items but still tag each individual item as said above.
  • Shoes can go in Ziploc bags with shopper code/order number taped to the front.
  • Please bring toys in a shopping or grocery bag with the tag on the front.
  • We will not accept loose items including toys and big items such as strollers, etc. that are not labeled with the online sale tag.  
  • Make sure that you bring your items in Shopper Code Order.  


 For our Spring sale, we WELCOME the following items:

Spring and summer children’s clothing and shoes, swimwear, dancewear, new socks (still in the package), children’s furniture, swings, pack 'n plays, kitchen sets, slides, riding toys, Bumbo seats (w/ strap or tray), Boppies, children’s room decor, curtains, swaddles, baby carriers, books, toys (in working order with batteries included), hair accessories, hats, bags and strollers.

We DO NOT accept the following items:  

Any recalled items, drop side cribs, expired car seats, rock 'n plays, any fall/winter clothes or shoes, jackets, costumes, blankets, bedding, bumpers, sheets, nap mats, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, DVDs, CDs, audio books, baskets, diaper genies, bathtubs, potty seats and any cribs manufactured before July 23, 2010.

All items MUST:

  • Be new or gently used. No stains, tears or missing parts.
  • Be children's clothing only sizes Preemie thru junior (Jr. sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13) for girls and sizes Preemie thru 14 for boys.
  • Be hung on wire hangers (clothing, curtains, swaddles, baby carriers, bags, etc.)
  • Be secured in Ziploc bags with the shopper code/order number visible with tape and use CLEAR packing tape (shoes, toys, books, baby items). Toys with small pieces should be sealed in Ziploc bags and taped shut and attached to the largest piece.
  • Have all hardware for assembly attached in Ziploc bag. Previous experience indicates that items sell better fully assembled.
  • Have working batteries in them. Items MUST WORK before being accepted.
  • Items that sell the best have been freshly washed and look nice on the hanger.

Items MAY NOT: 

  • Smell of smoke/mildew/musty
  • Be covered in pet hair
  • Be recalled
  • Be toys that are scary, weapons or monsters 


Sell only items in GOOD CONDITION (new or gently worn with no stains or tears), HUNG ON WIRE HANGERS, CLEAN AND READY FOR USE. We reserve the right to refuse any item.


What you will need: Printer,  Rubber bands, Clear tape, old shopping bags or grocery sacks. 

  • Once the online sale is complete you will go to our webpage and click on the "Item Entry & Tag Printing" link on webpage and select the option to "Print All Online Tags".  Print out the tags and attach them to your SOLD items ONLY.

  • Pin index cards with small SAFETY PINS ONLY to the front left shoulder of the garment or your right side. Large safety pins will make holes in clothes.  Please make sure the tag is secure so that we will be able to make sure it makes it to the correct buyer.  Any sets of clothing (two or more pieces) that need to be hung on more than one hanger, please rubber band the hangers together and safety pin the tag to the main piece (top or jacket).  USE THE WORDS "TWO PIECE OR THREE PIECE SET" in the description on mysalemanager and price as one unit. As previously stated, all clothes must be hung on WIRE HANGERS.  Make sure the hook is turned away from the tag.  PLEASE NOTE the LOCATION of BOTH safety pins at the top of the hanger.  Pants must be pinned on the TOP of the hanger.  Make sure they are NOT going to slide down the hanger.  For any clothing that cannot be hung directly on the hanger itself, it is important to secure the item with safety pins for two reasons.  It will keep it from falling off the hanger and potentially being lost and/or losing its tag.

  • Attach the tag to the outside of non-clothing items with clear packing tape.  DO NOT COVER the shopper code/order number.  Please DO NOT place cards inside bags as they are too hard to remove during the sale.  If your item has more than one Ziploc bag, please make sure each bag has a card on it.

  • If you have more than one item in the same order please rubber band the wire hangers together. 


All items will be entered through the Item Entry & Tag Printing link (same as in prior sales).  The link is under the Quick Links on the right side of this post.  

 To enter your items, please go to and click on the Enter Items & Print Tags.  You will then be prompted to enter your consignor number and your password that you set up at registration.  Once you enter this information you will be able to start entering items.  

  • Once you have logged into your account select "Active Inventory" 
  • Select the appropriate device that you are using "Mobile version" or a "PC/Laptop Version"
  • We are starting items at $2.00.  Put a few items together as needed in order to reach the $2.00 minimum.
  • Price items in increments of $1.00
  • Enter the size
  • If you'd like your item to be offered for sale at half price on during the discount time, check the box “Discount”. If you do not want your item reduced, leave this check box unmarked.  
  • Use the Brand Name and Description boxes to describe your items.  Please be as descriptive as possible and provide measurements if possible on items like john johns and rompers. Buyers will not have the luxury of looking at an item in person.
  • Select a category - be as specific as possible.
  • If you are selling an outfit that has more than one piece, please make a note of that in the first line of the description and attach the multiple pieces on the wire hanger together or use a rubber-band to tie several hangers together.  Remember, we are not responsible for items without tags. 
  • Click on the camera icon and take at least 1 pictures of your item.  Currently, the system only allows one picture.  If you want to have more than one picture shown on the website for the online sale the software developer says you can use the collage function.  In order for the item to be included in the sale you must have a picture included in the system.  
  • Click option for “ready for online sale” when completed an item.
  • Once you enter an item, it appears in your inventory.  You can see your inventory below the Enter Items screen.
  • You do not have to "SAVE" anything.  Each time you enter an item, it is saved automatically in your inventory.  You can enter a couple of items at a time or enter them all at once.  When you return to the MySalesManager entry screen, your items will be there. 




 Once the online sale is complete you can print out a special online sale tag that will include the shopper code, the item number, and the consignor number.   This is the tag that we will be using for this sale.   

  • Go to our website and click on the "Item Entry & Print Tag" link.
  • Login in using your consignor number and password
  • Select the option to "Print Tags"
  • Select "Print ALL Online Sold Tags" 



Go to the Whale of the Sale blog ( 

  • Click on the "Enter Items & Print Tags Link on the right hand side of the screen under the Quick Links
  • Select "Inventory Reports"
  • Select how you want you inventory report sorted (i.e. by item #, price, discount status)
  • The report will pop up in another window.  
  • Right click and select to print the report 



Go to the Whale of the Sale blog (

  • Click on the Consignor Homepage" on the right-hand side of this post.
  • Select “Seller Report”
  • The report will pop-up in another window.
  • Right click and select to print the report. 



Thank you for your continued support of our program! We cannot do it without you!